abm marking ltd. supplies many accessories for ink jet systems:

Low Ink Level Cap Assembly

DESCRIPTION: This is a device to adapt a 5 gallon Hedwin style pail to an ink dispenser.

abm marking ltd and other ink manufactures supply ink jet ink in 5 gallon pails. Using this assembly allows the shipping pail to be used as the dispensing tank. It consists of a 70 mm pail cap fitted with a probe with a float switch, dip tube and quick disconnect fittings for ink and pressurizing air. The float switch can be used to activate an alarm when the ink level in the pail is almost exhausted. (Not for MEK type inks.)


Part Number: 5H-LILM Part Number: 5H-CapMP Part Number:  5H-RP14811
Marsh P951 Equivalent Marsh RP26211 Equivalent Marsh RP14811 Equivalent
The Low Ink Level Cap Assembly is available in three styles:

  1. MARSH P951 equivalent - has separate quick disconnects with shutoff for air and ink. The electrical connector is a male four prong Cinch Plug.
  2. MARSH RP26211 equivalent - has separate quick disconnects with shutoff & dip tubes for both air and ink. 
  3. MARSH RP14811 equivalent - has separate quick disconnects with shutoff & dip tubes for both air and ink.  The electrical connector is a male four-prong Cinch Plug. This unit is MEK compatible.
  4. DIAGRAPH 1901-917 equivalent (not shown) - has separate quick disconnects with shutoff for air and ink. The electrical connector is an AMP plug.

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MJ1Microjet Adaptor Kit

DESCRIPTION: A set of fittings to connect a one gallon Cubetainer (Bag-In-A-Box) to a LOVESHAW LITTLE DAVID MICROJET Printer.

It consists of a cap with a twin tube coupling body, dip tube, two foot air line, and a two foot ink line each terminated with a push on barb union.

RECOMMENDED USES: The LITTLE DAVID MICROJET printer is equipped with a small one liter ink cartridge that is messy to replace and expensive. With this adaptor kit the customer can use a quality abm marking ltd ink jet ink packaged in a one gallon Bag-In-A-Box. With a one gallon external supply ink change is required only one fourth as often and is a much cleaner operation.

Literature:  Upgrade Your Little David Microjet Ink Delivery System

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20 micron Disk Filter

This is an ink line and/or air line filter of all polypropylene construction with a melt-blown polypropylene filter element rated at 99% retention of particles greater than 20 micron. It may be used with any type of ink, including those that are based on MEK solvent.

The filter is small in size, 25 mm barely larger than a 25 cent coin, and has quick disconnect luer lock fittings. Since luer couplings are available with various size barb fittings, the filters will fit any standard tubing. Using fittings with different size barbs on the male and female side allows a neat method of changing from one tubing size and adding filtration in one operation.

Two of these filters (one inside, one outside) are used with our AJET 101 ink jet printer.

RECOMMENDED USES: Order the filter with 1/16" luer fittings to add filtration to systems like the LOVESHAW LITTLE DAVID that use our MICROJET ADAPTOR KIT. To add an extra measure of filtration to larger systems using 5 gallon pails order a filter with 1/8" fittings for each line.

20 micron filter with 1/8" Luer Fittings20 micron filter with 3/16" Luer Fittings 20 micron filter with 1/4" Luer Fittings

20 micron Bullet Filter

Used in a variety of DOD inkjet printers, including Marsh, Little David, Willett, and others. Used as in-line ink filter and internal printhead filter. Used as air or ink filter. Not for use with MEK inks

Filter, FD Printhead, MEK Compatible

Equivalent to Marsh RP29913 w/o Tubing. Suitable for air or ink systems. MEK Compatible.


Part Number: IJ-FTG-F1

Part Number:  IJ-FTG-F2

Ferruless Fittings with EPR (epdm) seals and o-rings.  MEK compatible. Panel Mount for use in replacing  ink cap fittings or other mounted fitting applications.  Accepts tubing size .025"OD x  .017ID tubing. Normally nylon tubing if MEK used. Compatible with all inks..

Part Number: IJ-FTG-HB1

Part Number: IJ-FTG-HB2

Tube Barb Fittings, Panel Mount for use in replacing cap fittings or other mounted fitting application. Accepts 1/8" ID tubing. Not recommended for Nylon tubing.  Water and Alcohol applications only. Not for use with MEK inks.

Part Number_ IJ-FTG-IL1

Part Number_ IJ-FTG-IL2

Tube Barb Termination Fittings.  In line fittings used as tube termination and other inline application.  Not for use with MEK inks.


Part Number: IJ-LUER-F

Part Number: IJ-LUER-M

 Luer fittings for tubing connections - Various sizes

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