Unicorn Adaptor Kit

A set of fittings to connect a one gallon bottle or a 5 gallon pail of porous high contrast ink-jet ink to a MARSH Unicorn ® or QM7500 (By MSSCLLC) Large Character Ink Jet Printer.
The ink is supplied in a heavy gauge plastic bottle which can be pressurized to about with either a standard or Deluxe air pump.  The ink line is equipped with a filter.

Literature:  Convert Marsh® Unicorn™ Printers To Larger Ink Supply
Click for a larger viewTo use: Install the cap assembly, with dip tube, onto the bottle and attach the air pressure line. Attach the ink line to the printer in place of the MARSH ink cartridge; there is a locking ring on the tubing to hold it firmly in place. Apply power to the pump; wait until the pressure switch turns the pump off; the ink is now under the correct pressure ready to print.


5 gallon pail


This is the standard air pump.  It is a continuous on pump developing about 5 psi into a static load.

Standard kit  Click for larger view.

Standard Unicorn Conversion Kit

This is a photo of the ink jet fittings for a one gallon cubitainer using the standard air pump.

Unicorn Adaptor Kit

Deluxe Unicorn Conversion Kit

This is a photo of the ink jet fittings for a 5 gallon pail using the Deluxe air pump.


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Written August 2004 by Roger Schaefer
May, 2012