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Wireless USB to RS-232 Converter

Click for large view The ajet XBee system consists of a USB master unit that connects to a PC or laptop that will communicate wirelessly to one or more slave units that plug into an ajet printer.
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The XBee slave unit just plugs into the RS-232 connector of the ajet 101.  The unit is about two inches long; the camera angle makes it seem larger.

In its simplest use it can be thought of as a wireless USB to RS-232 converter. Since RS-232 ports are considered a legacy item in most PC’s and almost all laptops a converter is needed to connect a computer to an ajet printer. Using this accessory you have the convenience of it being wireless.

Even if you have access to a PC or laptop some customers object to having computer on the factory floor. Many have used a handheld in this case but a handheld terminal (sometimes called a KID) has a small LCD screen and a limited keypad. These limitations can cause difficulties, frustration and errors. With the XBee accessory the user can program an ajet printer using a computer with a full screen and keyboard and the computer doesn’t have to be in the factory.

Finally, and most important, the slave units are addressable so that the master unit and communicate with any number of individual slave units. For example, if you had five slaves they could be numbered 1 thru 5 and if you wanted to program the ajet printer connected to number three then just give the master the command to talk to number 3 and the other slaves would ignore the communication.

What is inside the case.

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Using the Wireless USB to RS-232 Converter with other devices

The abm XBee converter can be used with other devices that have RS-232 jacks. 

The ajet printer has +5 volts available on pin 9 of the jack which is used to power the converter.  With other devices the converter can be fitted with a barrel jack for use with a common wall mount power supply.  Click on the photo to the left for a close up view.

Also consider the abm wireless Bluetooth adaptor.  Here is a comparison of wireless adaptors.

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