TD2100 Electric Taper

Electric Efficiency.™

The TD2100 Electric Taper comes in 6 models, covering short, standard, and long cuts with the choice of 110V or 220V power.

Premium models not only offer 10 pre-set selectable lengths, but with the use of the “NUM LOCK” key provides option to input custom lengths ranging from 5″ to 99″ in 1″ increments.


The TD2100 Electric is available in 3 models to meet your specific carton closure needs.

Standard: 20 pre-set selectable lengths with use of the shift key. One short and one long length can be programmed as repeat keys from selectable pre-set lengths.

Premium: Option to input custom lengths ranging from 5" to 99" in 1" increments.





Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Standard (inch)


Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Premium Short (inch)


Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Premium Long (inch)


Taper, TD2100 Electric 220V (metric)


Taper, TD2100 Electric 220V Premium Short ( metric)


Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Premium Long (metric)


Optional Foot Pedal for TD2100










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