Due to the upgrading of telephone system, (800) 626-9012 is no longer in services. Please use the numbers :(618) 277-3773/4 to contact us.

Based on the customers' request and need, we have decided to sell the products to the end customers directly although we still focus on selling our products to distributors. Please feel free to send email to abm@abmmarking.com if you have any questions such as technical, or price. 

Dear Valued Customers:

We are pleased to announce the return of NATURAL BROWN Oilboard after several months discontinuation. MSSC has finally been able to source a new supplier for raw paper and has successfully conducted in-house testing with the new oiled paper. MSSC is confident this new oilboard will perform the same as the previous brown oilboard offered. MSSC is offering all the same size sheets as before in 50 lb. cartons. The price on the brown board will be the same as it was earlier this year prior to its discontinuation.

All the purchasers can get 5% discount for any types of oil boards until the end of 2016 (12/31/2016).