Lee Inkjet Valves

REPLACEMENT SOLENOID VALVES available for the following industrial inkjet printing systems:
• Loveshaw©
(Little David Microjet) • Videojet (Sigmark & Maxum) • Willett • Marsh (LCP/1000, DL, ML8, Patrion & Unicorn) •
Red Label
MARSH® Part No.: RP10667
Printer Model(s): ML-8, DL, LCP/1000
Blue Label
MARSH Part No.: RPJ200-0109-001
Printer Model(s): ML-8, DL, LCP/1000, & Maxum
unicorn valve (ver. 2)
MARSH Part No.: RP27339
Printer Models: Unicorn, Patrion
unicorn valve (ver. 1)
MARSH Part No.: RP15904
Printer Model(s): Unicorn
Valves for Loveshaw©
Printer Model: Little David Microjet
Videojet Part No.: 360124 / 360130
Printer Model: Sigmark
abm marking ltd. is not affiliated with any of the equipment manufacturers or their subsidiaries listed on this document.
The names listed are trademarks of their respective companies, which have not sponsored or approved this offering.

These are original Lee Valves that we can supply. 

Prices vary from time to time; if interested please contact us.

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Written September 2004 by Roger Schaefer
Modified January 2006